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Grade: 11

Carefully read each question and all possible answers before selecting a response. Some questions will be used to screen out ineligible applicants. Applicant errors in responses will not be corrected. You are responsible for the accuracy of your application. Your application must describe your work and experience, in your own words. If you fail to provide requested information, or the information submitted is insufficient, you may lose consideration for the position.
1 You must have one year of specialized experience at, or equivalent to, the GS-9 grade level, or meet the education requirements as described in the VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. Do you meet the experience and/or education requirements for this position? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
NOTE: If you are using education to qualify, you must provide transcripts to receive consideration. Transcripts MUST be received in the announcing office by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.
Applicants applying for this position, MUST also possess the following Selective Factor. In the event you do not possess the Selective Factor, you will be found ineligible for the position.

Selective Factor:
  • Applicants must have experience working in an infection control program as it relates to: Prevention of exposure to infectious disease, administration of vaccinations, reduction in the transmission of infectious agents, containment of infectious outbreaks, and evaluation of infection control programs.
Applicants must clearly address this experience in their resume to be found qualified.
2 Do you meet the selective factor for this position?
  • Yes, I have the experience required by the selective factor and this experience is clearly addressed in my resume.
  • No, I do not meet the Selective Factor for this position.

LISTED BELOW ARE GROUPED STATEMENTS RELATING TO THE ASSESSMENTS/COMPETENCIES NECESSARY FOR THE POSITION. Read each question carefully and select the answer choice that best describes your experience.
3 Health Systems Specialists (Improving Organization Performance/Infectious Disease Coordinator - IOP/IDC) must have the education and experience sufficient to perform the full range of duties involved with planning, implementing and evaluating the Infection Control Program. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have understood the principles of hand washing, aseptic techniques used in medical care, and prevention of exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens; and/or I have responded to medical or correctional emergencies with appropriate personal protective equipment; and/or I have identified signs and symptoms of infection in wounds or at surgical sites; and/or I have accurately read and documented a PPD.
  • I have trained staff and inmates in techniques of sterilization, aseptic techniques, and disposal of contaminated waste; and/or I have conducted collection of specimens for analysis of suspected infectious agents, interpreted lab results, and advised others on appropriate clinical follow-up; and/or I have developed policy and procedures for an institution regarding Blood Borne Pathogens.
  • I have operated sterilizer equipment or used chemical agents to clean, disinfect and sterilize medical equipment and work surfaces; and/or I have appropriately assessed staff and inmates for exposures to blood borne pathogens and disposed of contaminated items appropriately.
  • I have worked with clinicians to monitor inmates with infectious diseases, including monitoring lab work, immunizations and medication compliance; and/or I have conducted investigations and identified at-risk contacts.
  • I have reported unusual symptoms which could be indicative of an infection to an appropriate clinician; and/or I have reported inmate compliance with medications/treatments for infections/infectious diseases such as TB or HIV.
  • None of the above.
4 Health Systems Specialists (IOP/IDC) are responsible for the technical and administrative management of the performance improvement program which monitors the quality of processes that impact risk, competency of staff, appropriateness of care, and efficiency of the health care delivery system and the infectious control program which promotes the screening, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have maintained a general knowledge of JCAHO standards as related to medical care of inmates and documentation of care; and/or I have attended annual training on Blood Borne Pathogens as required; and/or I have attended institution training offered on JCAHO accreditation.
  • I have performed administrative functions of the IOP Program, such as data collection, analysis and reporting, maintaining meeting minutes or coordinating workgroup activities; and/or I have coordinated or conducted TB screening of staff and inmates, giving appropriate responses to Blood Borne Pathogen incidents; and/or I have provided training to health services and other staff in the use of respirators and personal protective equipment.
  • I have assisted in data collection for IOP projects; and/or I have attended IOP meetings or participated in workgroups or JCAHO training; and/or I have supervised inmate workers in the use of appropriate cleaning techniques; and/or I have conducted chart reviews to determine compliance with JCAHO standards for documentation of medical care; and/or I have identified potential variances from policy which lead to improved activities.
  • I have developed plans for IOP/ID management for institutions; and/or I have provided training to staff in the principles of IOP and JCAHO standards; and/or I have developed a presentation for demonstration of compliance with standards for surveyors, program reviews, or governing body.
  • None of the above.
5 Health Systems Specialists (IOP/IDC) have frequent contact with correctional, professional medical and administrative staff, department heads, inmates, staff from other federal medical institutions, community hospitals, national accrediting agencies and professional organizations. Contact are made to exchange information, receive instructions, and to resolve and solve difficulties that may arise. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have provided inmates with guidance regarding prevention of infection or other health topics; and/or I have identified appropriate agencies responsible for providing follow-up or services for ID patients; and/or I have related to inmates with ID to encourage compliance with medications, management of their disease, and obtaining follow-up care.
  • I have used team building and facilitation techniques to lead workgroups in IOP projects for the institution; and/or I have served as a subject matter expert/resource person for staff in the institution, including Executive Staff, in areas pertaining to IOP/IDC; and/or I have established relationships with community resources for IOP/IDC issues and used contacts to enhance programs.
  • I have participated in group activities or discussions related to policy, procedures or operations in a Health Services Unit; and/or I have gained cooperation of inmates through use of good verbal communication techniques; and/or I have identified a situation where the level of care provided needed changing and made recommendations to the appropriate staff.
  • None of the above.
6 Health Systems Specialists (IOP/IDC) select and adapt guidelines to ensure reliability and compliance with established operational procedures, OSHA and CDC guidelines and JCAHO accreditation standards. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have reviewed local policies on an annual basis, as required, and know the location of policies in the Health Services Unit; and/or I have attended mandatory training sessions or group discussions/meetings regarding changes or revisions to policies.
  • I have written or coordinated the development of local procedures or protocols using input from all disciplines; and/or I have served as a resource or subject matter expert in the area of policy and procedures or provided training to others on the same; and/or I have consulted with BOP resource staff, JCAHO staff, local health departments, or community hospitals to develop local policies and procedures.
  • I have understood how policy and procedures are used as a guideline for patient care and clinical practice; and/or I have basic knowledge of the principles of IOP, but have not actually participated in any of the activities related to its implementation in the clinical setting.
  • I have participated as a member of the IOP or IDC committee(s) in any setting; and/or I have supervised inmates in infection prevention; and/or I have served on workgroups to develop work methods to meet the intent of policies.
  • None of the above.
7 Health Systems Specialists (IOP/IDC) must have specialized knowledge of a wide range of medical concepts, principles and practices to perform highly specialized assignments of an advanced nature and considerable difficulty requiring extended training and experience. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have participated in annual training related to the standards as required or other required department specific training; and/or I have limited participation in any activities related to reviews of the standards, such as JCAHO survey, program review, etc.
  • I have conducted frequent reviews of BOP policy, clinical guidelines, program review standards, CDC, OSHA, ACA and JCAHO guidelines and compared them to current policies/practices in a health services unit; and/or I have had a substantial role or was a leading participant in any reviews or surveys based on the standards (e.g., JCAHO, ACA, Program Review).
  • I have frequently participated in activities related to JCAHO or ACA surveys or program review such as mock surveys or operational reviews; and/or I have participated in training above minimum requirements in any of these areas; and/or I have participated in standing committees or ad hoc workgroups related to these activities.
  • I have had substantial participation or a leading role in activities related, on an ongoing basis, to JCAHO, ACA, Program Review, etc. and developed presentations or monitoring systems to demonstrate compliance.
  • I have limited participation in activities related to implementation, such as assisted with cart reviews for JCAHO or program review, checked bottles for labels for ACA, or supervised extra inmate cleaning crews.
  • None of the above.

Grade: All Grades

1 How did you hear about this employment opportunity with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)?
  • Private information service
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Poster/Flyer
  • Private employment office
  • State Employment/Unemployment Office or Career Service Center
  • State or local Job Information Center
  • BOP Employee Services Department (bulletin board or other form announcement)
  • School or college counselor or other official
  • Agency or other Federal government recruitment at school or college
  • Recruitment event (other than school or college)
  • Friend or relative working for the BOP
  • Friend or relative not working for the BOP
  • Religious organization
  • USAJOBS, the official job site of the US Federal Government
  • BOP Website
  • Internet job site
  • Contacted the BOP on my own
  • Military publication
  • Military Separation Center
  • Professional Organization
  • Federal Job Publication (i.e., Federal Jobs Digest, etc)
  • Discover Corrections
  • Washington DC Diversity
  • Other
Thank you for applying for a position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.