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Grade: 06

Carefully read each question and all possible answers before selecting a response. Some questions will be used to screen out ineligible applicants. Applicant errors in responses will not be corrected. You are responsible for the accuracy of your application. Your application must describe your work and experience, in your own words. If you fail to provide requested information, or the information submitted is insufficient, you may lose consideration for the position.
1 You must have one year of specialized experience at, or equivalent to, the GS-5 grade level as described in the VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. Do you meet the experience requirements for this position? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No

LISTED BELOW ARE GROUPED STATEMENTS RELATING TO THE ASSESSMENTS/COMPETENCIES NECESSARY FOR THE POSITION. Read each question carefully and select the answer choice that best describes your experience.
2 Secretaries receive all visitors and telephone calls and must be able to communicate in a professional manner. They must be able to answer inquiries in a clear and concise manner. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have answered general inquiries/questions and determined where to direct callers for further assistance; and/or I have advised supervisor in timely manner of issues effecting work; and/or I have advised individuals when appointments needed to be rescheduled, arranging for a mutually convenient time.
  • I have responded to callers or visitors on simple technical issues; and/or I have verbally provided input on issues impacting the operations of the office; and/or I have verbally explained methods, regulations, or procedures to the public; and/or I have trained lower level subordinates in office procedures.
  • I have screened telephone calls as requested by staff or/and supervisor; and/or I have greeted visitors and callers and referred them to the appropriate staff member; and/or I have clarified Time and Attendance issues with staff members; and/or I have contacted the appropriate staff to reserve conference rooms for meetings; and/or I have contacted the appropriate staff to arranged large meetings or conferences.
  • None of the above.
3 Secretaries may compose non-technical correspondence for a variety of issues and subjects. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have completed log books utilized by office; and/or I have completed established form letters and travel voucher forms; and/or I have requested supplies and building services; and/or I have responded to routine requests from applicants; and/or I have typed correspondence from rough draft or dictated recordings from supervisor.
  • I have written general replies to inquires; and/or I have developed standard forms used by office staff; and/or I have prepared agendas for meetings; and/or I have ensured proper format and grammar for outgoing correspondence; and/or I have composed memos informing staff of office events.
  • I have prepared minutes and notes for staff meetings, hearings, and other gatherings; and/or I have developed itineraries for conferences; and/or I have developed and written office procedures; and/or I have reviewed written work of lower level subordinates for grammar and format; and/or I have gathered and summarized background information for supervisor.
  • None of the above.
4 Secretaries coordinate the workflow of the office by assuring day-to-day operations and non routine activities are performed in a timely manner. They also devise new methods/procedures that will enhance the smooth operation of the office. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have provided training to fellow employees and subordinates on office procedures; and/or I have established deadlines and priorities; and/or I have made changes where necessary for the accomplishment of day-to-day work; and/or I have reviewed work of lower level subordinates and provided instruction in developing their skills.
  • I have made travel arrangements for staff; and/or I have maintained supervisor's calendar; and/or I have reserved conference rooms for meetings; and/or I have maintained tracking system of office expenditures/budget; and/or on request from staff, I have gathered information for special projects; and/or I have processed time and attendance sheets.
  • I have evaluated various office software/hardware packages and made recommendation for selection; and/or I have provided assistance to individual staff members/supervisor in completing projects in crisis situations; and/or I have developed procedures and file system(s) for the office.
  • I have maintained adequate level of supplies for office by ordering before depleted; and/or I have ordered furniture and coordinated delivery dates, including the return of any damaged products; and/or I have determined where mail should be forwarded when not addressed to a particular individual; and/or I have maintained file system by filing material/information in a timely manner.
  • None of the above.
5 Secretaries read a variety of documents such as regulations, procedural guides, operating policies, style manuals, and correspondence in order to maintain files, review outgoing material, and compile background information. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have collected required data according to guidelines or procedures to be forwarded for action; and/or I have completed and reviewed time and attendance records to ensure proper coding; and/or I have utilized various sources of information on specific topics related to the mission of the office.
  • I have reviewed and distributed mail to the appropriate person; and/or I have followed detailed instructions to complete standard operating forms; and/or I have filed documents according to classification; and/or I have received and filed changes to regulatory publications.
  • I have controlled incoming correspondence by determining what should be forwarded to staff; and/or I have trained and evaluated lower level clerical staff in using procedural or operational guidelines; and/or I have reviewed documents for conformance with regulations, grammar, and format and returned to originator with corrections; and/or I have researched, assembled and interpreted background information for special projects and/or requests.
  • None of the above.

Grade: All Grades

1 How did you hear about this employment opportunity with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)?
  • Private information service
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Poster/Flyer
  • Private employment office
  • State Employment/Unemployment Office or Career Service Center
  • State or local Job Information Center
  • BOP Employee Services Department (bulletin board or other form announcement)
  • School or college counselor or other official
  • Agency or other Federal government recruitment at school or college
  • Recruitment event (other than school or college)
  • Friend or relative working for the BOP
  • Friend or relative not working for the BOP
  • Religious organization
  • USAJOBS, the official job site of the US Federal Government
  • BOP Website
  • Internet job site
  • Contacted the BOP on my own
  • Military publication
  • Military Separation Center
  • Professional Organization
  • Federal Job Publication (i.e., Federal Jobs Digest, etc)
  • Discover Corrections
  • Washington DC Diversity
  • Other
Thank you for applying for a position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.