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Grade: 07

Carefully read each question and all possible answers before selecting a response. Some questions will be used to screen out ineligible applicants. Applicant errors in responses will not be corrected. You are responsible for the accuracy of your application. Your application must describe your work and experience, in your own words. If you fail to provide requested information, or the information submitted is insufficient, you may lose consideration for the position.

LISTED BELOW ARE GROUPED STATEMENTS RELATING TO THE ASSESSMENTS/COMPETENCIES NECESSARY FOR THE POSITION. Read each question carefully and select the answer choice that best describes your experience.
1 You must have one year of specialized experience at, or equivalent to, the GS-5 grade level, or meet the education requirements as described in the VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. Do you meet the experience and/or education requirements for this position? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
NOTE: If you are using education to qualify, you must provide transcripts to receive consideration. Transcripts MUST be received in the announcing office by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.
2 Recreation Specialists must possess the ability to deal effectively with individuals of differing backgrounds, race, religions, sexes, cultures and behavioral patterns. They typically interact with inmates, co-workers, institution officials, contractors, manufacturers, entertainers, guests, community officials and civic organizations to assist in the operation of a recreation/Wellness/Leisure programs. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have assisted in coaching a sporting team; and/or I have participated in group counseling sessions which encouraged increased participation; and/or I have participated in facilitating a training session on recreation/leisure program procedures.
  • I have explained and assigned activity schedules to participants and coaches during planned meetings; and/or I have communicated league/team requirements and expectations to participants; and/or I have successfully proposed recreational program needs to the supervisor, which resulted in additional equipment being purchased for programs being implemented; and/or I have performed individual/group fitness counseling sessions and recommended program referrals.
  • I have assisted the supervisor with ordering supplies and maintaining equipment inventory; and/or I have volunteered to assist in coordinating a play-off tournament; and/or I have provided safety talks to inmate work details.
  • None of the above.
3 Recreation Specialists must be able to communicate in writing in a clear and concise manner. In addition, they must be cognizant of their intended audience and tailor their written communication accordingly. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have prepared articles for publication in internal newsletter, etc (league standings/game results); and/or I have drafted announcements for upcoming events (leagues, holidays, courses); and/or I have prepared reports and/or correspondence for supervisor's approval and signature.
  • I have completed standardized letters; and/or I have prepared an Incident Report; and/or I have prepared routine, recurring responses to inquiries.
  • I have assisted in preparing a proposal to update current policy as a result of new developments; and/or I have assisted in preparing annual budget requests justifying equipment needs; and/or I have assisted in preparing program plans at local recreation centers, health clubs etc.).
  • I have prepared internal memorandums; and/or I have maintained written activity logs to document participation and daily program hours; and/or I have provided program participation information to supervisor for report reference.
  • None of the above.
4 Recreation Specialists are responsible for developing recreation programs, planning hours of operation activity schedules and coordinating number of participants, volunteers, officials, etc. They must possess a thorough knowledge of the rules, regulations and governing policies or recreation, sports management, wellness and leisure programs. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have assisted in scheduling arts and craft activities in an assisted living facility; and/or I have assisted the supervisor in coordinating a bocce ball league; and/or I have, as a member of a group, coordinated an end of season party for little league baseball players.
  • I have coordinated a basketball tournament according to league standards; and/or I have umpired or officiated a team sporting event; and/or I have developed playing schedules, team sign-ups, rules and regulations for an intramural sporting event; and/or I have prepared outdoor playing areas to meet sanctioned league requirements.
  • I have monitored day to day operations at a recreational facility; and/or I have assisted in umpiring/officiating team sporting events; and/or I have coached in a sports league or been employed in a health club.
  • None of the above.
5 Recreation Specialists must understand current philosophy and guidelines regarding recreation, wellness and leisure activities. To successfully accomplish the requirements of this position, they must possess the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with other assignments, along with planning and organization skills. From the choices below please select the one that best describes your experience.
  • I have assisted in supervising unstructured recreational activities (open gym, playground, etc.,) and/or I have utilized manual tracking methods to organize and complete assignments; and/or I have successfully completed a college level time management course or supervision course.
  • I have scheduled and coordinated hours of operation and recreation programs for a gymnasium; and/or I have assisted in the organization and operation of unrelated wellness/fitness/leisure programs; and/or I have utilized an existing database to complete/track assignments; and/or I have exceeded internal deadlines; and/or I have independently supervised large groups of participants.
  • I have supervised unstructured recreational activities (open gym, playground, etc.); and/or I have met internal deadlines; and/or I have supervised small groups of participants independently.
  • None of the above.

Grade: All Grades

1 How did you hear about this employment opportunity with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)?
  • Private information service
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Poster/Flyer
  • Private employment office
  • State Employment/Unemployment Office or Career Service Center
  • State or local Job Information Center
  • BOP Employee Services Department (bulletin board or other form announcement)
  • School or college counselor or other official
  • Agency or other Federal government recruitment at school or college
  • Recruitment event (other than school or college)
  • Friend or relative working for the BOP
  • Friend or relative not working for the BOP
  • Religious organization
  • USAJOBS, the official job site of the US Federal Government
  • BOP Website
  • Internet job site
  • Contacted the BOP on my own
  • Military publication
  • Military Separation Center
  • Professional Organization
  • Federal Job Publication (i.e., Federal Jobs Digest, etc)
  • Discover Corrections
  • Washington DC Diversity
  • Other
Thank you for applying for a position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.