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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: All Grades
You are applying under the Delegated Examining announcement. If you want to be considered under the concurrent Merit Promotion announcement, you must submit a separate application under that announcement. For more information, see "Who May Apply" section of the vacancy announcement. Please call the Human Resources Office phone number listed on this announcement for clarification or further information.

* 1.I understand that by completing and submitting this application, I am certifying that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information provided is true, correct, complete, and made in good faith. I understand that a false or fraudulent answer to any question may be grounds for not hiring me, or for firing me after I begin work, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment. I also understand that failure to respond to this question will disqualify me from consideration.
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 2.I understand that information I give may be investigated for purposes of determining eligibility. I consent to the release of information about my ability for Federal employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to authorized representatives of the Federal Government. I understand that for financial institutions, medical institutions and other sources, a separate release may be needed, and I may be contacted for such a release at a later date.
  1. Yes
  2. No

Ensure that your resume thoroughly supports your answers to the questions. Your answers will be reviewed. If your answers are not supported by information in your resume, this may prevent you from being found qualified, in which case your application will NOT be referred to the selecting official.

Your complete and detailed on-line resume MUST include, at a minimum, the following information for each work experience, including military service (prepare a separate entry for each job): 1) Job Title (including series and grade if Federal job); 2) Hours per week; 3) Salary; 4) Starting and ending dates (month and year); 5) Employer's name and address; 6) Supervisor's name and phone number and whether we may contact your current supervisor; 7) Duties and accomplishments. Also include: 1) High School name, city, state, zip code if known, and date of diploma or GED; 2) College or university names, city, state, and zip code if known, majors and type and year of any degrees received (if no degree, show total credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours); 3) list of job related training courses, skills, certificates and licenses, honors, awards, special accomplishments, membership in professional or honor societies, etc. Please make sure you read the vacancy announcement thoroughly to see if there is any additional supporting documentation required.

You WILL NOT be considered for this announcement if you fail to submit ALL the applicable required documentation listed under the "How To Apply" tab (i.e. transcripts,DD-214's, SF-15, VA letter, SF-50's, PE Registration, etc.) by the CLOSING DATE of this announcement. Please call the Human Resources Office phone number listed on this announcement for clarification or further information.

* 3.Where did you learn about this vacancy?
  5. Department of Veterans Affairs/Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
  6. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  7. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  8. Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)
  9. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
  10. Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU)
  11. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  12. Referral from a Professor or Academic Advisor
  13. Referral from a College/University Career Placement Office
  14. Referral from a Professional Organization
  15. Job/Career Fair
  16. Referral from a friend or family member
  17. Reclamation Employee
  18. Reclamation Internet Site
  19. Referral from a State or Local government
  20. Referral from another Federal Agency/employee
  21. OPM USAJOBS Internet Site
  22. Other Internet Site
  23. Other

* 4.Provide specific information about your response to the previous question (i.e. professor's name and place of employment; college or university name; job/career fair and location held; friend's name; etc.).
Maximum length of 250 characters.

* 5.Select the response that best describes your level of experience performing grounds maintenance and landscaping tasks without more than normal supervision.
  1. I have received post high school education or formal training in these functions, but I have not performed them on the job.
  2. I have assisted more experienced workers in performing grounds and landscaping tasks.
  3. I have independently maintained grounds and landscaping in and around residential, business, and industrial buildings and facilities.
  4. I have independently maintained grounds and landscaping in public parks, campgrounds, and/or recreational facilities.
  5. I have independently maintained grounds and landscaping in areas which include campgrounds and water recreation (i.e. lakes, reservoirs, etc.)
  6. None of the above

* 6.Select any of the following that describes your experience in providing information / instructions to the general public regarding use of recreation sites.
  1. I have educated the recreational public on conservation practices such as "Tread Lightly" and "Leave-No-Trace".
  2. I have resolved conflicts among recreational users.
  3. I have communicated park rules and regulations to the recreational public to obtain their cooperation.
  4. I have conducted nature hikes or similar types of programs/activities to inform the visiting public about recreational sites.
  5. I have answered general questions about the use of recreational facilities/sites.
  6. I have provided the recreational public with information such as points of interest, travel routes, historical information and park activities.
  7. None of the above.

* 7.Select the one response that best describes the work setting and level of knowledge you needed in tool selection and safety practices to independently perform the work of a Laborer.
  1. I have not had education, training or experience in this task.
  2. I have completed education or training in this task, but have not yet applied this education or training on the job.
  3. I have experience in a residential setting which demonstrates my skill to perform laborer and associated groundskeeping work using the appropriate tools and equipment and understanding the impact of my work on the surrounding environment.
  4. I have experience in an industrial setting which demonstrates my skill to perform laborer and associated groundskeeping work using the appropriate tools and equipment and understanding the impact of my work on the surrounding environment.
  5. I have experience serving as a Laborer in a work setting that included a water and/or power facility. I was required to independently select the proper tools and procedures, take the necessary safety precautions, and adhere to environmental procedures when performing my work.

* 8.Select the tools and equipment you have operated and maintained.
  1. Electric drills
  2. Electric sanders
  3. Tape measure
  4. Hand saw
  5. Wrenches
  6. Screwdrivers
  7. Hammers
  8. Pipe wrenches
  9. Chain saws
  10. Operating grounds equipment (lawn tractors and lawn mowers)
  11. Operating drain cleaners (snake)
  12. Operating leaf blowers
  13. Operating concrete mixers
  14. Erecting scaffolding
  15. Operating push mowers
  16. Operating riding lawn mowers
  17. Operating motorized weedeaters
  18. Operating motorized lawn edgers
  19. Posthole diggers
  20. Operating motorized augers
  21. Electric paint sprayer
  22. Ratchets
  23. Shovels
  24. Picks
  25. Furniture moving equipment
  26. Dollies
  27. Carts
  28. Brooms
  29. Powered brooms
  30. Snow blowers
  31. Sledge hammers
  32. Propane torches
  33. Cardboard baler
  34. Gas powered sickle mower
  35. Weed eaters
  36. None of the above

* 9.Do you have a valid state driver's license?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 10.Can you operate light duty motor vehicles with automatic transmission (cars and trucks)?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 11.Do you have experience operating a forklift?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 12.Select the duties with which you are proficient and have routinely performed in a landscaping work environment (commercial or industrial).
  1. Mowing lawns and trimming yards
  2. Watering lawns and gardens
  3. Seeding and fertilizing lawns
  4. Laying sod
  5. Planting vegetation
  6. Cultivating shrubbery
  7. Removing grass and weeds
  8. Burning of grass and weeds
  9. Pruning trees
  10. Falling trees
  11. Installing sprinkler systems
  12. Maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems
  13. Raking leaves
  14. Loading and removing trash
  15. Storing landscaping materials
  16. Applying herbicides
  17. Digging ditches and trenches
  18. None of the above

* 13.Select the tasks you have performed.
  1. Manual labor requires frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and moving of objects.
  2. Loading and unloading supplies and materials weighing up to 100 pounds.
  3. Mowing lawns using hand and riding mowers.
  4. Physical labor in extreme weather conditions.
  5. Participation in strenuous sports activities for extended periods of time such as swimming, football, basketball, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.
  6. Shoveling or digging with hand tools.
  7. Digging post holes and setting posts.
  8. Clearing and cutting trees and brush.
  9. Painting of buildings.
  10. Rough carpentry.
  11. Concrete placement and repair.
  12. Repair/remodel buildings.
  13. Working in a dusty and dirty environment.
  14. None of the above.

* 14.Select the following response(s) that describe your experience in providing emergency services.
  1. I have served as a team leader or incident commander during backcountry, front country, or water rescue, and/or emergency operations.
  2. I have provided assistance to rescue and/or emergency services staff in backcountry rescue or emergency operations.
  3. I have provided assistance to rescue and/or emergency services staff in front country rescue or emergency operations.
  4. I have provided assistance to rescue and/or emergency services staff with water rescue and/or emergency operations.
  5. I have provided first aid and basic life support to co-workers and/or the general public.
  6. I have some knowledge or training in rescue procedures, but no on the job experience performing this function.
  7. None of the above.

* 15.Select the vehicle(s) you have operated on a regular basis.
  1. All terrain vehicles
  2. Four-wheel drive vehicles
  3. Passenger cars or trucks with automatic transmission
  4. Electric vehicles (e.g., golf carts)
  5. Passenger cars or trucks with standard transmission
  6. Mountain or road bicycles
  7. None of the above

* 16.I have operated one or more of the above vehicles on rough terrain such as undeveloped gravel roads, trails, fire roads, etc.
  1. Yes
  2. No

This is a Federal job application system. Providing false information, creating fake IDs, or failing to answer all questions truthfully and completely may be grounds for not hiring, for disbarment from Federal employment, or for dismissal after the applicant begins work. Falsifying a Federal job application, attempting to violate the privacy of others, or attempting to compromise the operation of this system may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (US Code, Title 18, section 1001).