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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: 09
* 1.[30209] Choose the statement that best describes your education and specialized experience that qualifies you for this GS-09 position.
  1. I possess one year of specialized experience matching what is described in the vacancy announcement. This matching experience is well described in my resume.
  2. I possess two full years of progressively higher-level graduate education or Masters or equivalent graduate degree (such as an LL.B. or J.D.) that has equipped me to perform the duties of this position and have provided transcripts with my application.
  3. I possess a combination of graduate level education, beyond the first full year of graduate level education and specialized experience as described in the vacancy announcement, that together meet the qualification requirements for this position. Transcripts have been provided and the experience is well documented in my resume.
  4. I do not meet any of the requirements as described above.

* 2.[4995] Select the statement that best matches your experience motivating others under your leadership.
  1. Created culture that encouraged others to meet the organization`s mission, and led them successfully on projects, programs or task groups.
  2. Inspired others to incorporate vision, strategic planning, and elements of quality management into their day-to-day activities.
  3. Enabled others to acquire the tools and support their need to perform well.
  4. I have not had experience motivating others under my direct supervision.

* 3.[6243] Select the individual leadership competency(ies) that you have demonstrated you possess and have applied in your prior work experience.
  1. Communication - Made clear, convincing, and organized oral and written presentations to individuals or groups; listened effectively and clarified information as needed; facilitated an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.
  2. Problem Solving - Identified and analyzed problems; distinguishesdbetween relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions; provided solution to individual and organizational problems.
  3. Customer Service - Balancing interests of a variety of clients; readily readjusted priorities to respond to pressing and changing client demands; anticipated and met the need of clients; achieved quality end products; am committed to continuous improvement of services.
  4. Partnering - Developed networks and built alliances; engaged in cross-functional activities; sued contacts to build and strengthen internal and external support bases.
  5. Interpersonal Skills - Considered and responded respectfully to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations.
  6. Self-Direction Skills - Understood and articulated the purpose and goals of decisions and actions being taken; demonstrated a degree of independence and self-sufficiency.
  7. Continual Learning - Grasped the essence of new information; mastered new technical and business knowledge; recognized own strengths and weaknesses; pursued self-development; sought feedback from others and opportunities to master new knowledge.
  8. Flexibility - Am open to change and new information; adapted behavior and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.
  9. Decisiveness - Exercised good judgment by making effective, timely, and well-informed decisions; am proactive and achievement oriented.
  10. Technical Credibility - Understood and appropriately applied procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise; am able to make sound hiring and capital resource decisions and to address training and development needs; understands linkages between administrative competencies and mission needs.
  11. Integrity/Honesty - Instill mutual trust and confidence; created a culture that fosters high standards of ethics; behaved in a fair and ethical manner toward others; and demonstrated a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to public service.
  12. None of the above

* 4.[4121] Select the example(s) that describe your experience motivating others.
  1. Enabled others to acquire the tools and support they need to perform well
  2. Created culture that encouraged others to meet mission needs, and lead them successfully on projects, programs, or task groups
  3. Inspired others to incorporate vision, strategic planning, and elements of quality management into their day-to-day activities
  4. Influenced others to ensure that activities, services, or products contribute to mission, goals, and objectives accomplishments
  5. Led and convinced groups or individuals in the achievement of project goals and objectives.
  6. I have not had experience motivating others.

* 5.[5322] Indicate the type(s) of security duty you have performed.
  1. I have performed security at a fixed post.
  2. I patrolled the area on foot.
  3. I patrolled the area in a vehicle.
  4. I monitored computer screens.
  5. I have no security work experience.

* 6.[5331] Select the response(s) that reflect your experience handling security violations.
  1. I have detected and responded to security violations.
  2. I have prepared reports reflecting responses.
  3. I have denied access based on a violation.
  4. I have detained or apprehended individuals based on violations.
  5. I have security experience but have never had to take any violation action.
  6. None of the above

* 7.[5335] Select the type(s) of violations you have handled on a regular basis as part of your work duties.
  1. Public drunkenness
  2. Trespass
  3. Armed robbery
  4. Vandalism
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Vehicle break-ins
  7. Vehicle parts theft
  8. Surveillance for theft violations of equipment/supplies
  9. Suicide attempts
  10. Bomb threats
  11. Crowd monitoring
  12. False alarms
  13. Burglaries
  14. None of the above

* 8.[7403] Select the statement(s) that describe the person-to-person communication or briefing skills you have used as a regular part of your job.
  1. I have effectively communicated technical information to internal or external audiences.
  2. I have effectively communicated organizational strategies, goals, objectives, or priorities on a regular basis.
  3. I have persuaded others to accept findings, recommendations, changes, alternative viewpoints, or to take a particular course of action.
  4. I have interviewed employees or managers to acquire specific programmatic and/or technical information.
  5. I have conducted training sessions with varied audiences with different levels of comprehension.
  6. I have briefed managers/executives outside of my organization.
  7. I have coordinated meetings, workshops, or conferences.
  8. I have delivered presentations to groups at work or in other environments.
  9. I have taught a class, provided one-on-one instruction, or similar experience.
  10. I have provided briefings/updates to supervisors, coworkers, or others on a regular basis.
  11. I have provided briefings on controversial issues.
  12. I have developed written materials for briefings, meetings, or conferences.
  13. I have marketed hazardous materials highway safety programs using networking and constituency group processes effectively.
  14. None of the above

* 9.[1163] Select the statement that best describes your work in providing reports and recommendations.
  1. I have generated briefing papers, reports and written recommendations in response to perceived need, determination of emerging issue(s), interaction with other groups, conferences etc. on both my own initiative and at my supervisor's request.
  2. I have frequently generated briefing papers, reports and written recommendations as part of my regular job, in response to specific assignments from my supervisor.
  3. I have limited experience generating briefing papers, reports and written recommendations. I have done so only in response to requests for such information from my supervisor.
  4. None of the above

* 10.[1375] Select the statement(s) that describe your experience communicating effectively in-person.
  1. I have experience contacting others to obtain information.
  2. I have experience instructing others on procedural requirements.
  3. I have experience explaining technical and non-technical information.
  4. I have experience responding to inquiries or requests for information.
  5. I have experience serving as a liaison.
  6. I have experience explaining interpretive information to others.
  7. I have experience presenting data and information on a formal report.
  8. None of the above

Grade: All Grades
[16869] Please note that ALL candidates must submit a resume online and complete the entire application (Resume, Core Questions, Vacancy Questions) process.

Ensure that your resume thoroughly supports your responses to the job specific questions and that it contains the names, titles, and phone numbers of your most current and previous supervisors so that we may contact them.

Please also be sure that your preference regarding contacting your current supervisors is shown in the User Information area.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete all questions.

High self-assessment in the application questions that is not supported by information in your resume may prevent you from being found best qualified, in which case your application will not be referred to the selecting official.

* 1.[31608] I understand the resume I have submitted for this position will be thoroughly reviewed to determine whether my experience and/or educational background is sufficient to meet basic and/or specialized experience requirements as outlined in this announcement. I also understand that if the information provided in my resume is not sufficient to support my responses to the vacancy announcement questions, it will affect the overall assessment of my application package.

  1. Yes
  2. No

[31648] When you are finished with the question phase of this announcement, you will be shown a list of documents that may include documents that do not apply to you. Review the list and the required documents section of the vacancy to determine which, IF ANY, are required for your application to be considered a complete application. Please do not submit documents that are not requested.
  • If you are not a veteran, the DD-214 and the SF-15 do not apply to you.
  • If you are not applying to an engineering position, the P.E. license or EIT exam does not apply to you.
  • If you are not requesting consideration under a special appointing authority, the special appointing authority documents do not apply to you.
If any of the requested documentation pertains to you, you have the option to fax using the fax coversheets provided, upload to this system or you may transfer the documentation from your USAJOBS account. Please note documents are NOT automatically transferred from USAJobs. Contact the office no later than the closing date, if you require assistance.

* 2.[31609] I understand that if I do not submit all REQUIRED documents by the closing date, it will affect the overall assessment of my application package.
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 3.[3057] By responding to this question, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the Required Documents section of this announcement to determine which documents, if any, you need to provide in support of this application.
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 4.[588] Have you ever held a government travel card?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 5.[620] My most recent work performance evaluation was satisfactory or better (includes pass in pass/fail systems).
  1. True
  2. False

* 6.[586] How did you initially hear about this position?
  1. Email notification
  2. Agency website
  3. USAJobs (OPM) website
  4. Newspaper advertisement
  5. Magazine advertisement
  6. Commercial employment site (i.e. Careerbuilder, Monster)
  7. Placement office (Federal, State, College or University)
  8. Friend or relative
  9. Job Fair
  10. Minority professional network
  11. Other

        BRANCHED: * 1.[5063] Please indicate how you heard about this position.

       Maximum length of 250 characters.