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Grade: 13

No specific questions.

Grade: All Grades

1 A* Contributions to Student Learning - Explain how you feel that you are an effective instructor as measured by improved student learning and achievement. Include evidence such as student academic assessments and work, or results from programs you manage or research you have conducted, as some examples. Provide germane student and community demographic information and how you have tailored your instruction to meet students’ unique needs. Maximum length of 3500 characters. Answer to this question is required
2 B* Leadership Experience - Discuss your education, personal background, and school, community, or other professional leadership roles. Provide specific examples of your leadership with other educators and school stakeholders and discuss how you measured your effectiveness. You may describe factors leading to success, how you overcame challenges and how you have worked with people with contradictory or opposing views. Maximum length of 3500 characters. Answer to this question is required
3 C* Interests and Expertise - Discuss how your teaching experience can inform the Department?s work, particularly regarding: supports for excellent teaching such as preparation, evaluation, professional development, and/or career advancement; ensuring the most challenged schools have highly effective teachers; transitioning to more rigorous standards and assessments; and/or rapidly improving the most underachieving schools. Describe areas of greatest interest to you and explain how work in this area may support your future plans. Maximum length of 3500 characters. Answer to this question is required
4 D* Communication Skills - Describe your experience writing and orally presenting on education issues. Provide examples of the different forums in which you have made presentations or led discourse and describe the professional networks in which you participate which could serve as potential vehicles for outreach to other teachers. Discuss strategies you have employed to effectively communicate complex or difficult information or to resolve challenges you faced. Maximum length of 3500 characters. Answer to this question is required
5 E* Training and Development - The Regional Fellowship requires comfort networking, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively (often from afar). Describe how specific training or academic experiences have prepared you for this role. You must also provide a signed letter of recommendation from one entity with which you have worked in this capacity discussing your ability to succeed in the Fellowship role. Maximum length of 8000 characters.
6 F* School & Community Support - Regional Fellows share the Department’s public resources with and gain insight from educators across the country including their own school communities. Describe how and why you believe educational leaders in your school, district, state and/or region will support your outreach to teachers. You must also provide a signed letter from your school or district leadership recommending you for the position and acknowledging that it would entail a full-year sabbatical. Maximum length of 8000 characters.