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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: 07
Please answer the following questions.

* 1.Please select the response that best describes your experience as it relates to this position.
  1. I have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the grade level as described in the vacancy announcement.
  2. I do not have the experience described above.

Grade: 08
Please answer the following questions.

* 1.Please select the response that best describes your experience as it relates to this position.
  1. I have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the grade level as described in the vacancy announcement.
  2. I do not have the experience described above.

* 2.Please select the responses that describes your experience in investigations or operations.
  1. Providing direct support to investigations by providing case management assistance.
  2. Coordinating project activities with co-workers and/work unit.
  3. Collecting information from various entities (I.e. CIA, NSA, local, state government, law enforcement agencies).
  4. None of the above

* 3.Please select the responses that identify the FBI database systems you have independently operated/monitored.
  1. Identification Tasking and Networking (ITN)
  2. Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  3. Interstate Identification Index (III)
  4. National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
  5. National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
  6. NICS Electronic Check (E-Check)
  7. National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
  8. Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)
  10. Systems Management Assistance and Resource Tracking (SMART)
  11. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  12. Law Enforcement On-Line (LEO)
  13. Datamaxx
  14. None of the above

* 4.Do you have working knowledge of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and/or Federal Records Center (FRC)?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 5.Have you previously had to ensure compliance with regulations concerning the physical security of office premises and the safeguarding of classified information?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 6.Have you been required to maintain liaison with other individuals at a variety of levels, both within and outside the organization?
  1. Yes
  2. No

Grade: All Grades
* 1.Have you at any time received a grant or scholarship under the David L. Boren National Security Education Act of 1991 or otherwise participated in the National Security Education Program (NSEP)?
  1. Yes
  2. No

Please read the definitions for Performance Improvement Plan and Letter of Requirement before addressing the question below. A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a 90-day written developmental plan for an employee whose performance on one or more critical elements is rated "Unacceptable". A Letter of Requirement (LOR) is issued when a supervisor identifies leave abuse and/or when frequent absences negatively impact operations of an office.

* 2.Are you a current civilian federal employee, on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) or a Letter of Requirement (LOR)?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 3.Please select the response that best describes your experience in managing work operations of an office.
  1. I do not have experience or training in this area.
  2. I have experience in handling routine actions, such as maintaining subject matter files; screening and referring calls and visitors to appropriate personnel and, maintaining supervisor's calendar.
  3. I have experience in handling multiple activities in assigned organization, such as maintaining controls of incoming correspondence, following up to insure timely action; making travel arrangements and preparing itinerary; answering and referring calls; maintaining supervisor's calendar; maintaining filing system; and assisting or informing other employees about office procedures and requirements.
  4. I have experience in independently coordinating and directing the day-to-day activities of an office. I receive and respond to a variety of calls; maintain supervisor's calendar; recommend and implement new standard procedures; arrange meetings and conferences; design/develop new filing system; compile and summarize information from various sources; and plan and organize the work of others.
  5. I have experience in independently managing all office functions in order to relieve supervisor of day-to-day duties of office operations. I schedule appointments, review/refer correspondence, compile replies to correspondence, deal personally with high official contacts, maintain awareness of changing emphases of various aspects of administrative/program operations. Research/plan/establish administrative policy matters. Review/analyze materials. Take necessary action on various reports/requests

* 4.Please select the responses that identify the computer software you have experience using.
  1. Word Processing
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. Databases
  4. Graphics/Presentation Tools
  5. Web Browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape)
  6. E-mail
  7. None of the above

* 5.Please select the types of software programs/applications which you have independently used in order to retrieve and enter information.
  1. WordPerfect
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Microsoft Access
  5. E-mail
  6. None of the above

* 6.Please select the responses that describe your experience organizing and controlling documents or correspondence.
  1. Used a pre-established, standardized documents and records filing system.
  2. Handled records in accordance with employer's policies and regulations.
  3. Logged and established routing and suspense dates for incoming correspondence.
  4. Organized a body of correspondence and/or documents in proper sequence to facilitate review by other parties.
  5. Utilized computer software for document management (storage, retrieval, distribution).
  6. None of the above

* 7.Please select the responses that identify all the legal and regulatory guidelines governing records information dissemination that you have used or are familiar with in your past or present job.
  1. Federal statutes and regulations
  2. Executive Orders
  3. Case Laws
  4. Precedents
  5. Agency Guidelines
  6. Policy statement(s)
  7. Directives
  8. Manuals
  9. None of the above

* 8.Please select the response that best describes your use of applying appropriate laws, rules, regulations, guidelines related to records management in completing assignments?.
  1. Applied appropriate laws, rules, regulations, guidelines on a daily basis
  2. Interpreted, adapted and applied guidelines and policies whenever needed
  3. Selected the most appropriate guidelines and procedures from a variety of sources
  4. None of the above

* 9.Please select the responses that best describe your records management experience.
  1. I have worked with paper-based and electronic records to integrate them into official record keeping systems, through uploading or creation of appropriate attribute records.
  2. I have ensured proper maintenance of audiovisual, cartographic, and other types or records.
  3. I have identified and resolved various problems encountered, referring those that are potentially sensitive or controversial to the supervisor, more-experienced Specialist, or another expert.
  4. I have organized and administered records storage areas, ensuring that records are managed and protected appropriately.
  5. I have helped ensure the implementation of security requirements for classified FBI materials in storage areas and other rooms within the Unit's control.
  6. I have applied approved dispositions to appropriate records.
  7. None of the above

* 10.Please select the response that best describes your experience working with clients and customers to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, and resolve their problems or satisfy their expectations.
  1. I have worked with others on routine problems and sought information to resolve a specific issue; business is generally conducted by telephone.
  2. I have worked effectively with different levels of personnel or one-on-one with client on routine issues I have also been involved in exchanging information and ideas with my peer group.
  3. I have worked closely with various levels of personnel (and outside agencies) to identify and resolve problems. I have exchanged information and ideas, resulting in a specific course of action. I have used initiative, persuasion and knowledge of subject area to gain support for proposed actions. I have experience working with vendors to resolve problems with high grade hardware/software.
  4. None of the above

* 11.Are you available for odd-hour and/or weekend duties?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 12.Please select the response that best describes your experience addressing telephonic complaints.
  1. I have received telephonic complaints from a variety of sources. I personally processed routine matters and contacted other designated personnel for instructions and guidance on situations which are more than routine in nature.
  2. I have determined whether information received is under the agency's investigative jurisdiction. I have arranged for search of office indices, reviewed pertinent files and prepared appropriate forms.
  3. I have determined when a call was not under the jurisdiction of the agency and referred individual to appropriate agency.
  4. None of the above

This is a Federal job application system. Providing false information, creating fake IDs, or failing to answer all questions truthfully and completely may be grounds for not hiring, for disbarment from Federal employment, or for dismissal after the applicant begins work. Falsifying a Federal job application, attempting to violate the privacy of others, or attempting to compromise the operation of this system may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (US Code, Title 18, section 1001).