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Grade: 15

1 GS-15 Choose the answer that best describes your experience. Answer to this question is required
  • I have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 level in the Federal Service. Examples include: establishing and maintaining effective relationships, including the use of non-traditional collaborative approaches, with labor organizations that represent employees; negotiating and administering labor agreements; representing the organization in arbitration hearings; and preparing filings for and representing the bureau or agency before the Federal Labor Relations Authority.
  • I do not have the experience described above.

Grade: All Grades

1 I have extensive experience preparing and explaining an agency's position in the following labor-management relations matters. Answer to this question is required
  • Unit clarification requests
  • Non-negotiability allegations
  • Unfair labor practice charges
  • Arbitration
  • None of the above.
2 I have served as management's chief negotiator in impact and implementation negotiations with one or more bargaining units with full authority to reach agreements with the union. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
3 I have professional experience applying broad labor-management relations concepts, principles, and practices which included the use of the following: Answer to this question is required
  • Non-traditional collaborative approaches
  • Labor-management partnership
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Interest-based bargaining
  • Facilitation
  • None of the above.
4 I have performed the following labor-management functions as a senior member of the management team of my employing organization. Answer to this question is required
  • Advisory services pertaining to the potential impact of negotiations and third-party decisions concerning management rights.
  • Assess potential impact and implications of pending disputes before third-party authorities.
  • Resolve unfair labor practice charges and complaints.
  • Arbitrate grievances.
  • Resolve negotiability issues.
  • Ensure conformance of labor agreements with applicable laws.
  • Develop methods of measurement to provide an assessment of success of a labor-management relations program.
  • Develop the future vision of the labor-management program.
  • Provide strategic labor-management relations advisory services on complex organizational issues (e.g. outsourcing, reductions-in-force, union representational issues).
  • None of the above.
5 I have worked with a cross-organizational team and integrated the work of the team by outlining options, recommendations, and conclusions. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
6 I have developed and provided classroom training to managers on labor relations duties, responsibilities, and issues. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
7 I have served as a management representative in the negotiation of a term collective bargaining agreement. Choose the highest level that fully applies to your experience: Answer to this question is required
  • I have served as a team member on the bargaining team.
  • I served as the labor relations' back room advisor to the bargaining team.
  • I served as management's Chief Negotiator with full authority to reach agreements with the union.
  • None of the above.
8 I have had the following responsibilities in the area of grievance handling. Answer to this question is required
  • I have served as an advisor to management officials on grievances
  • I have been assigned full authority to resolve grievances and implement solutions
  • I have prepared written responses to employee and union grievances that fully explain management's position
  • I have been the Agency representative for an unfair labor practice hearing
  • I have prepared the written Agency position statement in response to an unfair labor practice filing
  • I have served as a technical representative for management before arbitrators
  • I have served as the agency representative before arbitrators
  • None of the above
9 Which of the following best describes your highest level of experience planning, directing, controlling, and/or evaluating a labor management relations program? Answer to this question is required
  • I have not performed these job functions.
  • I have been a Labor Relations Specialist assigned to carry out tasks associated with the development, implementation, and evaluation of a LR program, but have not been assigned formal program management or leadership responsibilities for an entire program.
  • I have been a Senior Labor Relations professional with responsibility to carry out tasks associated with the planning, development, implementation, and/or evaluation of a LR program. In this capacity, I have analyzed a LR program's goals and objectives; assessed an organization's strategies for attaining such objectives; and provided recommendations to high level management officials for improvements to its LR program.
  • I have been responsible for leading, supervising, and/or managing all aspects of a Labor Relations Program for an organization at a level requiring significant expertise, autonomy, and independence.
10 I have successfully negotiated complex agreements and have managed and directed negotiation teams. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
11 I have effectively led group/team efforts. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
12 I have developed and maintained relationships with customers with diverse needs and conflicting viewpoints. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
13 I have the ability to influence, persuade, motivate, interrogate, or significantly influence people or groups to modify their position on controversial issues. This is done in the context of justifying, defending, negotiating, or settling matters involving significant or controversial issues. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
14 I have proven ability to be resourceful and exercise a high level of initiative, judgment, and commitment to accomplishing work, often under short deadlines, and to achieve program goals and results in support of NSF's mission/vision/goals. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
15 Which of the following best describes your oral communication skills? Answer to this question is required
  • I communicate in my daily assignments to clarify understanding and explain technical information, but have not presented technical information orally to diverse groups of persons including high level officials on a regular basis.
  • I communicate regularly in my job by explaining information to others. I have participated in group discussions and in meetings with individuals from diverse groups. I have presented oral presentations to diverse groups of people including high level officials, but this is not a regular part of my job. My oral communication skills are adequate for this position.
  • I am skilled at making oral presentations of technical information to superiors, colleagues, and others within and outside my organization. I am proficient at communicating technical information to others and at arguing for a position on an issue to facilitate cooperation among stakeholders. My oral communication skills are above average.
  • I have been acknowledged for my superior ability to communicate technical information to a variety of individuals, within or outside my org at all levels. I am proficient at collaborating across organizations to reach consensus & understanding of important issues & am able to advocate & gain support for a decision on a controversial position; & at discerning when to elevate issues to higher level officials for resolution. My oral communication skills are considered to be of superior quality.
  • None of the above.